A Bachelor Christmas.

A lot of bachelors fore-go decorating for occasions like Christmas, due mostly to the fact A) there mothers aren’t doing it for them (my brother included) B)there is no girlfriend or child in the home to help decorate or C) There is no drinking related game to enhance their excitement to get a  tree and buy the ornaments for it.   We all know most men like simple and Christmas is far from a simple affair.  Many think there’s no point to putting up with a bunch of hassle, just for one person.   Don’t get me wrong, I do believe many men in the world do love Christmas.   I feel they just don’t want to take the time to do the Christmas decorating or spend the extra cash.   If you know a bachelor and don’t want him to be home with no Christmas tree this year, make one of these quick and easy trees for him to come home too.  I promise you..he will love you forever.  I am pretty sure if I made one of these trees for my boyfriend..he would probably would have ask me to marry me on the spot.Happy decorating bachelors ;)
  • A DRINK AROUND THE WORLD CANNED BEER TREE..For the world traveler, or the friend who has unlimited funds to provide an around the world experience for you and your friends!
  • THE CASE BEER TREE..I’m pretty sure every guy friend I know would have done this one in college, but we all were too poor to afford this many cases at one time.
  • THE BOTTLED BEER TREE..Pick your favorite beer and use the same kind through out.  This one may take some time and talent.
  • THE KEG TREE..Who doesn’t love a good keg Christmas party?!
  • THE ANTLER TREE..For all the hunting obsessed men out there ;) I could name a few men that would instantly want me to build this for them.
  • THE BOOK TREE..For the true intellect..maybe put a bottle of vodka on top with a star on it for the icing on the cake ;)
  • THE BEER COASTER TREE..For the men who steal an occasional beer coaster or two at the bar.  Put these babies to use and hang them on your tree!

a bachelor christmas diva on a dime interiors

Even the most simple bachelor needs to have a little glamour and style this Christmas!  I hope my post inspired you all!


**I’d like to say I did all these myself..BUT All images found from Google.

Brown: Cowboy Fresh

To get inspiration or find a color scheme for your next big room makeover, spend some time considering the world around you. Look at photographs to inspire the overall feel of the space.  Pick up on ideas from architecture, such as color combinations or the style of architecture. The goal is to pay attention to your surroundings finding inspiration  in things you find your attention being drawn too. Take note of any styles, color schemes or layouts that you may like so you can go back to this list when picking out certain furniture and finishes for your space.  I am ging to come up with a few different mood boards with furniture I found to compliment the look!  I hope this helps you create your own mood boards.

*All images found from google.

Furniture found from:

Z gallerie
High fashion Home
Custom Furniture on Etsy
Restoration Hardware
Home Goods

Deer Camp Chic

This is a perfect combination of rustic & comfortability with a relaxing ambience. My brother and I couldn’t be any more opposite.  I love the big city and he would be fine living in a farm home hunting all day.  He inspired me to do an inspiration board for those outdoor lovers that still want a chic space. Email me for further design assistance if you like the look!

Where to find the items:

Couch: West Elm
Chair: West Elm
Antler Chandelier: Restoration Hardware
Chevron Pillow: Restoration Hardware
Fleece Pillow: West Elm
Throws: West elm
Light fixture: Z Gallerie
Wood Basket: West Elm
Costers: West Elm
Wooden Balls: Home Goods
Table: Z gallerie
Antler Candles: Restoration Hardware

Happy Hunting!